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  • Caesar Dressing

    This dressing takes all the hassle out of making the classic Caesar salad. Just add Jem or cos leaves, croutons and
    shavings of parmesan. Bacon, Chicken, P...

  • Mild Horseradish Sauce

    This creamy mild horseradish sauce is not as piquant as your taste buds might expect, and you’ll find yourself using
    this delicious sauce on much more than just beef!!

  • Roasted Red Pepper, Chili and Tomato Relish

    Pan roasted peppers give this relish a delicious taste and texture. Medium spiced and slightly sweet this Tomato-based relish can kick start any meal.

    Ideal as a dip with pita brea...

  • Steak Sauce with Cracked Black Pepper

    Using a sweet and sour technique of preparation, key ingredients such as Demerara, Vinegar, Black Peppercorns,
    Tomatoes, Molasses and Roasted Spices, Gran Grans Steak Sauce is an es...

  • Tandoori Sauce

    Gran Grans Foods Tandoori Dip is a unique fusion of Indian spices with Real  Mayonnaise.

    This exciting product is delicious with chicken, perfect binding ingredient for any pasta ...