Balance & Enhance Flavours in Cooking

Our Balance and Enhance Spice Rack contains a selection of herbs and spices to bring the best of you daily cooking with lots of health benefits.

We are also attaching a leaflet with lots of helpful ideas of how to use them and health benefits.

Along with the clip on jars, there is also a wooden rack included!

Mustard Seeds: They are an important ingredient when brining and pickling. Used also in curry pastes

Organic Baobab Powder Superfood: Adding baobab to your diet will help with weight loss.It can be stir into yoghurt and oatmeal, sprinkle over fruits and salad, soups desserts and much more

Whole pink Peppers: Originally from Peru, they are great addition to butter-based sauces, seafoods, salads, dressings and poultry.

Ground Sumac: Rich in antioxidants. Add to Salad dressings instead of lemon. It’s great on fried fish and chips too!

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt: It contains so many health benefits. Use as part of your cooking, to season meals and to preserve food


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